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Ångbryggeriet firar 8 år i maj 2024, det firar vi med en 8-rätters avsmakningsmeny som oss igenom våra 8 år. Avsmakningsmenyn måste förbokas och kan fås fredagar och lördagar i maj.

Dumplings / SEK 169

Dumplings filled with spinach and ricotta cream are topped with a spinach soup, grated Swedish cheese and fried kale

Carpaccio / SEK 239

Thinly sliced beef fillet from Laukergården in Arvidsjaur, served with buckwheat, pickled silver onions and grated Swedish cheese

Beets / SEK 179

Roasted beets are served with deep-fried goat's cheese, venison, scallion emulsion and chips on beets

Scallop / SEK 269

Served with asparagus emulsion, radish, asparagus, pickled onion, sour cream and potato chips

Raw steak Half / SEK 249  Whole / SEK 

Minced raw beef served with capers, silver onion, spring onion emulsion, buckwheat, browned butter, and french fries

(Entire portion served with fries)

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