Small dishes

The appetizers are designed to whet your appetite and are meant to be enjoyed with a pre-dinner drink, a glass of sparkling or wine. You then move on to the starter, main course and dessert.

Potatoes / SEK 59

Stormyrberget's freshly harvested potatoes fried with dill foam.

Grouse/ SEK 89

Dived grouse with fermented lingonberries.


Sour cream with sikrom and dill.



Autumn's starters draw ingredients and inspiration from the forests of Norrbothnia. Many of our ingredients are locally grown and picked; simply for the good taste and to give you the opportunity to enjoy all the goodness that our beautiful county has to offer. We look forward to sharing this unique dining experience with you!

Zucchini / SEK 159

Served with artichoke puree, herb oil and a chevicé on zucchini and fried waffle.

Char / SEK 189

Red currant-encrusted char, served as a carpaccio with dill foam and salted currants, silver onions and potatoes.

Moose / SEK 239

Mushroom and mustard stew is served on butter-fried toast together with cold-smoked elk and grated Gärda cheese from Voullerim.

Thigh (raw beef)

SEK 229 small / SEK 399 large

Minutmald is served in our classic way, with capers, buckwheat, silver onion, fermented chanterelles and chive emulsion.



Norrbotten is known for its culinary delights and our menu is a reflection of that. Our hot dishes are the result of a great culinary pleasure combined with our guests' favorite flavors. Here you will find the best that the sea, the forest and the garden have to offer, all on one plate. Ask us and we will advise you on the perfect drink that will make your taste buds sing.

Kale / SEK 249 

Our homemade gnocchi on potatoes from Stormyrberget and their kale in a lovely sauce with burnt cream and late summer Swedish truffles.


Halibut /  SEK 429

Grilled halibut served with beetroot and potatoes, pickled apples with horseradish foam and a dill sauce.

Moose /  SEK 399

Night-baked elk bow is served with a fermented chanterelle sauce, currant jelly and potato croquettes with Västerbotten cheese.

Lamb /  SEK 399

Grilled lamb with lovely herbs is served with a confit potato cake and chianti sauce and spruce shoot emulsion.

Classic beef detail from Ångbryggeriet

SEK  399 

Served with emulsion on Västerbotten cheese and tarragon as well as a red wine sauce and fries.



End the meal with something sweet and tasty. Our desserts offer something for all tastes. Everything from the season's finest blueberries, picked in the local area, cranberries from Övertorneå, chocolate and the evening's cheese. We are sure you will find something for you!

Apple / SEK 145

Served with a vanilla ice cream, applesauce and marmalade and a fried waffle.

Chocolate / SEK 145

Chocolate ice cream is served with bran with nuts and a rum foam.

Red deer / SEK 155

Cloudberry ice cream is served with shortcrust pastry and pickled cloudberries.

Cheese of the evening /  SEK 155

Our selected cheeses are served with marmalade and biscuits.