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Meet Mari Wigren

The steam brewery opened five years ago

and in 2020 we opened the sister restaurant Arkipelag in beautiful Kuststad, southern harbor in Luleå. The restaurants are run by Mari Wigren. Born and raised in Vaasa, Finland.

Ever since she was a child, Mari has had a great interest in cooking. At the age of 19, she studied to be a chef, but also had another great interest, football. It went well in football and a fantastic contract came out, which led to Mari leaving Vaasa for Norway and playing at an elite level for five years.



On the other hand, Mari cooked in several places in Oslo and studied to be a bartender. Even then, the aim was to know everything in a restaurant. At the age of 25, Mari chose to stop playing football and step into restaurant life.


New goals were written in Mari's vision map. 

She has already ticked off five restaurants before 50. There are more goals, however, and these are ticked off because.


Mari's biggest passion is food and drink and you see and feel that when you visit Ångbryggeriet.

Ta del av vårt nyhetsbrev

Tack för att du tar del av vårt nyhetsbrev!

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